Wall of Tolerance: Lahore Diffuses Terrorism with Community Art

By Sonya Rehman The terrorist attack last week on Easter, at Lahore’s popular Gulshan-e-Iqbal Park, which left scores dead and hundreds injured, was nothing short of horrific. Since the attack, the stories of loss and devastation have begun emerging across social media platforms; one in particular was the that of a little girl, now an… More Wall of Tolerance: Lahore Diffuses Terrorism with Community Art

Rekindling The Indo-Pak Connection Through Poetry

By Sonya Rehman Released over Youtube last month by Delhi Poetry Slam, an Indian poet, Shivani Gupta, speaks from the heart in a thoroughly sensitive spoken-word performance that touches upon India, Pakistan and a desire to know and understand ‘the other.’ “Look I’m not here to start a fight,” Gupta speaks in the video, “I just… More Rekindling The Indo-Pak Connection Through Poetry


By Sonya Rehman I think God tells you it’s time to change in very subtle ways. It’s never direct. It could be by way of a thought, a vision, a random conversation with someone, or an observation – something that jolts you awake. I’ve been foggy-headed for months; dragging my feet through a routine that… More Self-Preservation

Trains Over Planes

By Sonya Rehman I miss taking the train every weekend (or every second weekend) to your sweet little home in New Jersey. A small back-pack and a book and my thoughts. The way concrete would blend into shiny greenery, meticulously manicured lawns, wooden rocking chairs outside sleepy porches, fresh air, a slowed down homey pace,… More Trains Over Planes

The Karachi Whiz Kid and Pakistan’s First Hand Drawn Animated Flick

By Sonya Rehman In 2012, a young, unassuming Pakistani musician from Karachi created waves after being selected as a TEDGlobal Fellow, following the success of his brilliant composition, Fire Fly, which went viral a year before. Sharing stage space at TEDGlobal – a conference that brings together trailblazers from across the world to deliver inspiring talks – with… More The Karachi Whiz Kid and Pakistan’s First Hand Drawn Animated Flick

Filmmaker Takes on Honor Killing in Pakistan

By Sonya Rehman With the 88th Academy Awards taking place today, Pakistani documentary filmmaker, Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy’s Oscar-nominated documentary, A Girl in the River: The Price of Forgiveness, brings to focus the gruesome practice of honor killings in Pakistan. Having taken home an Oscar in 2012 for Saving Face, a documentary about victims of acid attacks in the country,… More Filmmaker Takes on Honor Killing in Pakistan

The Rise Of Lahore’s Biscuit King

By Sonya Rehman Past shops selling glittering party decorations, silver and gold tiaras, cricket bats, plastic toys for children, netted pouches filled with sea-green, azure and multi-colored marbles, local Pakistani sweets, dried fruit, spicy pickles and fresh kebabs, the narrow, claustrophobic streets inside Mochi Gate, one of thirteen historical gates constructed by the Mughals, in… More The Rise Of Lahore’s Biscuit King

‘Bachaana’ And The Rebirth of Pakistani Cinema

By Sonya Rehman 2015 was an incredible year for independent Pakistani cinema. With the release of a number of productions such as Jawani Phir Nahin Ani, Bin Roye,Shah, Moor, Manto and more, the new year seems to be kicking off to a great start in terms of local cinema. Currently being screened across cinema houses in the country, the drama, Ho… More ‘Bachaana’ And The Rebirth of Pakistani Cinema


By Sonya Rehman Down roads and dark, narrow streets, how lovely to peer into windows from afar: a portal into another life, another heart. Who sits on that wicker chair set close to the window? Is someone awake, dreaming and longing for what is out of reach? A dog barks incessantly, throaty, commanding… a few… More Portals

Bollywood Legend Visits Pakistan Encouraging Indo-Pak Artist Collaborations

By Sonya Rehman Kicking off with much fanfare this month, the Rafi Peer Theatre Workshop’s three-day International Film Festival in Lahore showcased a number of Pakistani and foreign productions, in addition to bringing together renowned Pakistani and Bollywood A-listers, film critics and movie buffs on one dais. But perhaps the highlight of the evening was the attendance… More Bollywood Legend Visits Pakistan Encouraging Indo-Pak Artist Collaborations

Foggy Reverie

By Sonya Rehman The fog tonight is thick and surreal. No matter how difficult things may get in Lahore, in one’s birth place, it is moments like these which make one recollect old memories, past dreams, one’s youth and innocence – everything raked up again…reminding you of who you were, who you’ve become, reminding you… More Foggy Reverie


By Sonya Rehman The Dubai airport is freezing as hell. I’m so glad I’m wearing a blazer and a light scarf (midnight blue with tiny blue sequins – bought it in a rush because it caught my eye, looked like the night sky painted across a roll of fabric). Even though I was sweating through… More Airports

Fatherless Daughters

By Sonya Rehman Fatherless daughters, Don’t constantly seek validation, Or approval from a phantom man, Allow masculine energy to steer the reigns of your life, Call upon it, But don’t be so brazen and hardened to let your dreams die, No, Let them be nurtured with every ounce of your feminine, sensitive being, Allow a… More Fatherless Daughters

The Politics of Art

By Sonya Rehman Divided by religion, marred by violence, Bollywood’s King Khan weighs in on the current debate in India… With the culmination of the Masala! Awards this year, perhaps the biggest talking point about the event was how it brought together both Indian and Pakistani artists on one platform to further promote the cross-cultural… More The Politics of Art

An Unsung Hero

By Sonya Rehman Initiated this year, the social media initiative, Pending Meal, spearheaded by the young advertising professional, Sarah Rizvi, has garnered immense popularity. This week, Masala! chats with Sarah about her social welfare project and the importance of paying it forward. How does Pending Meal work? The idea or concept behind Pending Meal is… More An Unsung Hero

Music Has No Borders

By Sonya Rehman Pakistani documentary filmmaker, Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy, known for her big Oscar win in 2012 for Saving Face (a documentary about acid attack survivors in Pakistan), has once again brought a spellbinding story to the fore – Song of Lahore. Highlighting eight incredible Pakistani classical musicians, who go by the name of Sachal Jazz… More Music Has No Borders

Defending Digital Freedoms in Pakistan

By Sonya Rehman This year, one of TIME’s Next Generation Leaders, Nighat Dad, a young Pakistani activist and lawyer based in the city of Lahore, is one of the most significant voices in the country in creating awareness amongst Pakistani women about cyber crimes and cyber harassment. Having founded her not-for-profit, Digital Rights Foundation (DRF)… More Defending Digital Freedoms in Pakistan

“Music Was a Secret That I Hid From My Father”

By Sonya Rehman Hariprasad Chaurasia needs no introduction: he is a living legend in the field on Indian classical music. In an up close and personal interview with the maestro, he tells Masala! Magazine about his journey to becoming one of the most celebrated flutists in the world today. Panditji, is it true your father… More “Music Was a Secret That I Hid From My Father”

Center Stage

By Sonya Rehman Having been a part of the theatre scene in India since the 80s, Preeta Mathur Thakur, the President of the prominent theatre group, Ank, in Mumbai, speaks with Masala! about her upcoming play, Jis Lahore Nahin Dekhya (to be held in Dubai this month), the evolution of theatre in India, and playing… More Center Stage

“Researching Manto was a Voyage of Discovery”

By Sonya Rehman Slated for release this month, the trailer for the Pakistani Sadat Hassan Manto biopic, Manto, is intense and riveting. Directed by Sarmad Sultan Khoosat (who also plays Manto in the production), and written by Shahid Nadeem, the film focuses on the writer’s last few years in Pakistan before Manto’s tragic demise. This… More “Researching Manto was a Voyage of Discovery”

The Woman Behind TheJamJar

By Sonya Rehman Dubai-based Hetal Pawani is the Director of the well-known art space, thejamjar, established in 2005, that offers artist residencies, art workshops, performances, screenings, art sessions for children and more. This week, Hetal speaks with Masala! Magazine about thejamjar, Artinthecity – a fantastic art project she spearheaded a few years ago and the… More The Woman Behind TheJamJar

The Maestro of Fashion

By Sonya Rehman Kicking off this month, the Amazon India Couture Week (AICW) ’15 featured a bevy of Bollywood celebrities blazing the ramp in breath-taking ensembles. Drama, luxury and art – from the ramp’s transformation into a luxury yacht for Monisha Jaising’s The Sailing Bride collection, to Anju Modi’s stunning line inspired by Rumi and… More The Maestro of Fashion

Step Up and…Dance!

By Sonya Rehman Launched by Mahima Mehta in 2014, MAD (Mad About Dance), is a dance academy in Dubai that focuses on various dance forms, such as; Bollywood, Jazz & Contemporary, Freestyle, Lyrical Hip Hop, and more. Part of the corporate world for many years, Mahima eventually decided to quit Marketing in desperate need for… More Step Up and…Dance!

We Are Loved

By Sonya Rehman Over the past few weeks I met two beautiful girls with holes in their hearts the size of craters. Mothers, lost, mothers, taken away, tragedy, pain, like child-birth, I felt but half a human in their presence. Their endurance and resilience made me feel such an utter sense of shame. Because there’s… More We Are Loved

Regional Fashion on a Global Platform

By Sonya Rehman The Woolmark Company’s prestigious International Woolmark Prize (IWP) 2015, will be seeing the participation of gifted regional designers from the Middle East, India and Pakistan for the first time since its inception, four years ago. Celebrated for bringing new talent from the world of fashion to the global stage, eleven talented regional… More Regional Fashion on a Global Platform

“I’ve Been Accused of Writing About the Same Type of Hero Every Time”

By Sonya Rehman Perhaps best known for her very own brand of rom-com fiction set in urban India, author Anuja Chauhan, an advertising professional, defines contemporary fiction in the country. With bestsellers such as The Zoya Factor, Battle for Bittora, Those Pricey Thakur Girls, and more recently, The House That BJ Built, Anuja’s work is… More “I’ve Been Accused of Writing About the Same Type of Hero Every Time”

Journalism in Pakistan

By Sonya Rehman Perhaps best known for his widely popular, hard-hitting talk show, “Talk Back,” and “Eye on India” for the local Pakistani news channel, DAWN News, Wajahat S. Khan is one of the best-known Pakistani broadcast journalists in the country today. Having worked for a number of local and foreign media houses; such as… More Journalism in Pakistan


By Sonya Rehman I’ve been thinking about the Gulmohar trees back home a lot lately. Have you seen a Gulmohar tree? It is a glorious tree with the prettiest flaming red flowers; like a tall, upright girl with a mass of red, frenzied curls. In English, the tree is known as ‘Delonix Regia,’ I can’t… More Gulmohar

Love Never Dies

By Sonya Rehman What happens when two brilliant poets are drawn to each other? What happens when they’re separated by distance, but their connection to one another is so strong that the feeling between them continues to blossom, spreading its roots, strengthening its hold on their hearts? Sahir Ludhianvi and Amrita Pritam, two widely successful… More Love Never Dies

Sahir and Amrita

By Sonya Rehman I had a bit of a full circle moment at work today. A colleague asked me to look into a theatrical production, Ek Mulaqaat (due to be staged in Dubai, next month), for coverage in our magazine. Agreeing, I googled the play, and to my surprise, I noticed the play is based… More Sahir and Amrita