Barricaded Heart

By Sonya Rehman Spent the entire morning with my mother on Mall Road; for my ‘last’ photo-walk of sorts – I leave Pakistan in 11 days. We spent a good hour at the Lahore Museum, walking around, taking photos – throughout, my heart was so heavy about leaving Lahore, my home, my family, my dogs.…

Photo by Ahmed Shajee Aijazi

Reclaiming Pakistan, One City at a Time

By Sonya Rehman Just a couple of months old, “Super Karachi Express,” a tourist bus company in the metropolitan city of Karachi, in Pakistan, has set out to make culture cool in a country exhausted, overwhelmed and worn out amidst the ongoing, unrelenting sectarian violence. Co-founded by Atif Bin Arif, a young Pakistani based in… afraid


By Sonya Rehman Walls reverberating, A car alarm in the distance goes off, “We’re under attack!” my mother screams, Explosions and their sister echoes, Hearts racing, On the roof, In the inky blackness, The explosions have lit up the sky, It’s like the end of the world, But it’s not, Not bombs, Fireworks, Big ones,…



By Sonya Rehman I recently came across a powerful video by Vogue India’s #VogueEmpower initiative titled ‘Boys Don’t Cry,’ check it out on Youtube below. However, for those in Pakistan, where Youtube remains permanently blocked, watch the clip here: I really liked the fact that the video touches upon how boys are raised in our…