Everyone Needs A Master Shifu

By Sonya Rehman

Tele-surfing earlier and caught a bit of Kung Fu Panda (such a fan). That cartoon is profound.
Saw the part where Master Shifu invites Po to sit down to a meal of dumplings after an intense kung fu training session.

With each dumpling that Po attempts to put in his mouth, Master Shifu swiftly swipes them away with his chopsticks.

One by one, as each dumpling is taken away from him, Master Shifu looks at Po challengingly, stating, ‘You’re free to eat’ – provoking Po to fight for his right, in this case, a dumpling.

The dumpling is a metaphor for Po’s place in a world where he has consistently second-guessed himself, allowing an external perception of him – a big, goofy panda – to dictate the role he will play for the rest of his life. But Master Shifu knows Po is more than who he perceives himself to be; the Dragon Warrior, powerful, fearless, noble, heroic Po.

Lesson: keep an expansive, open mind – you will come across not one, but many Master Shifus (if you’re lucky), who will push you to your limits, knowing you’re better than who you thought you were.

Allow the training, let yourself be schooled – it’s uncomfortable as hell, but if it wasn’t, how would you ever become a Dragon Warrior?



One Comment Add yours

  1. Sonya Kassam says:

    I loved Kung Fu Panda! What a great lesson.

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