Eulogy for Sabri

By Sonya Rehman

There goes the neighborhood,

There goes the phony sense of calm,

There goes our disillusionment,

There it goes,

Revived again,

They killed a man of God,

A grand man of love,

A mighty voice,

That would spread out like silver doves,

Into the hands of the Beloved,

Reverberating in broken hearts,

There goes the healer,


Another lover of The One stolen again,

Every day in these wasted streets,

A battle for survival,

Medals for might,

Medals for murderers,

Tinted black cars and their strange ways,

Dirty secrets and foul play,

Seductive thievery and beautiful lies,

There goes the neighborhood,

Rose petals for a mortal man,

Spread out again,

Sing, Sabri, sing,

These lonely streets are frightening without you.



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