Trains Over Planes

By Sonya Rehman

I miss taking the train every weekend (or every second weekend) to your sweet little home in New Jersey. A small back-pack and a book and my thoughts. The way concrete would blend into shiny greenery, meticulously manicured lawns, wooden rocking chairs outside sleepy porches, fresh air, a slowed down homey pace, flowers. Sitting on your lumpy couch, watching sickening amounts of reality television, trays and trays of oreos, wiping out your shelves of goodies stacked up for the kids, sleeping in a girly room, sharing your child’s bunk bed and letting my frazzled student mind, childish heart unravel. Here’s to the ‘other’ family – a friend, or friends who are siblings (sharing mutual respect), those who come to your graduation on a rainy day with chocolates and a gift card, holding their daughter’s hand, smiling proud. Here’s to a friend or friends who you have seen come out of the storm, broken, war-paint, selfless, incredible. I miss taking the train to you, holding that ticket in my hand, a back-pack on an empty seat, scuffed sneakers, a destination, youthful dreams, a familiarity, a warmth.

Happy Women’s Day to our beloved, feminine friends.

Kunisada_Yozakura, 'Cherry Blossom at Night'
Kunisada Yozakura, ‘Cherry Blossom at Night’

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