The Cantt-Jumeirah Postcard

By Sonya Rehman


Hope you’ve been wonderful. A quick note, some musings:

Home is where people who care about you are. Not happy about leaving Lahore this week, but have to. It’s imperative to take time out for yourself now and then, to pause and just do simple household chores: wash the dishes, iron a blouse, brush the dogs in the sun, or contemplate eating another dollop of Belgian chocolate spread in the fridge.
Why wait for tragedy to jolt us out of our mad routines? Why wait till ‘something happens’ to urge us to turn over a new leaf? Why wait? Keep your kitchen running with the job, give it your 100%, but don’t take it personally – what counts is how you’re giving back to those around you, it’s the little things. It’s in the therao, patience, gratitude, and not giving in to life’s minor knocks. We’re here, we’re alive, that’s all that matters at the end of the day.

Home is also where new relationships are made – therefore, wherever you go, wherever you spread your warmth, it comes back two-fold in the form of loving people. Those who you’ve known for barely a few months, but who insist on dropping you to the airport at 12am, just because they feel like it. Home is where your housemate, an old friend, messages you on her day off telling you she made you daal chawal for dinner and not to order in. Home is where you, a dog person, begins to feel affectionate towards a mad little communicative cat who rubs against your ankles when you come home after a tiring day. Home is where you continued to throw toilet paper down the pot – not knowing the sewerage pipe would explode exactly 1.5 months after your move-in date.






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