Doesn’t This Feel Like Home?

By Sonya Rehman

Pad-locked heart,
Welcome home,

Those lost continents of your heart,
Time to set sail,
And re-discover,

Who you lost,
And how,

Handing out pieces of you,
An empty pantry,
Generosity like that,

Is stupidity,

You should’ve left,
Some golden honey,
On those scarce days,

Empathy can cost you,
Too much, too much,
Left with nothing,

Does it feel good to be you,
Thick skin,
Old soul,

Welcome home,
Doesn’t nostalgia make you feel young?
Good – set sail, re-discover,

Those lost continents,
That you shunned,
Like a cautious parent,

Summon them back,
Summon yourself back,
Honey, honey,

Home – I’m home.



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