Last Night I Dreamt

By Sonya Rehman

Last night I dreamt I was home,

But I was in the middle,

Not really here,

And not really there,

Hundreds of miles away,

My mother told me,

She was walking behind me,

The pavement was broken,

And as I walked,

Never once looking behind my shoulder,

She walked behind me,

In different timezones,

A mother and a daughter adjusted to a strange new-ness,

Of loss,

And a birth,

In the cracked pavements,

Miniature roses grew like moss,

In a city of insipid dreams,

Lonely cab drivers,

And men madly in love with numbers,

I find my way through the miasma,

Laughing with a psychic about a ‘love curse,’

And allowing the now to just be,

Arrey ma,

How I miss your daal chawal,

Cooked just for me.

[These desi restaurants don’t cut it].




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