By Sonya Rehman

Walls reverberating,

A car alarm in the distance goes off,

“We’re under attack!” my mother screams,

Explosions and their sister echoes,

Hearts racing,

On the roof,

In the inky blackness,

The explosions have lit up the sky,

It’s like the end of the world,

But it’s not,

Not bombs,


Big ones,

“It’s the Horse & Cattle Show!” I scream out to the family,

They run upstairs,

We’re on the roof,

Irises illuminated in indigo, fire green, angry orange, pinks – fireworks,

Spreading their arms across a blanket of black-blue,

Goddess Durga of the night,




Fortress Stadium,

Putting up a big show,

For the big men,


Home is where the scarcity is,

But I’m packing my bags and leaving the warmth,

I’ve got a one-way ticket and a golden egg,

CHANGE – flashing in neon,

Like a 5-star hotel,



How do I say goodbye,

When you are always within me?

Fragile heart,

Masculine soul,

Your daughters are your sons,

Remember that,

Guardian angels perched on weary shoulders,

Fireworks in your eyes,

If you don’t take the plunge now,

When will you be free?

Farewell, farewell, faithful, mesmerizing city,

I am always with you,

Light of my life. afraid







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