By Sonya Rehman

I recently came across a powerful video by Vogue India’s #VogueEmpower initiative titled ‘Boys Don’t Cry,’ check it out on Youtube below. However, for those in Pakistan, where Youtube remains permanently blocked, watch the clip here:

I really liked the fact that the video touches upon how boys are raised in our society: always told not to cry, to “be a man,” to put up a brave face, and to basically act tough and emotionless 24/7. In my personal opinion, men are just as sensitive as women, perhaps even more so.

Domestic violence is a taboo subject in Pakistan; women are afraid to speak about the abuse that they’re subjected to in their very own homes. It is not okay, domestic abuse cannot be pardoned, nor excused. It is time South Asian mothers and fathers end the cycle of pain and abuse by raising REAL men – men who don’t think it’s okay to physically, sexually and emotionally abuse women; be it their spouses, their sisters, and yes, their mothers too.

End the cycle now; raise your men to be good, just and empathetic human beings. Raise your boys to respect women. Start with the boys.




One thought on “#StartWithTheBoys”

  1. While I agree that men need to be raised to respect women, I would say in today’s times, women also need to be raised to respect men. Domestic abuse is indeed a sensitive subject, what’s even more alarming is the rising trend of women abusing their husbands, especially in the upper class. I am myself a victim of physical abuse at the hands of my ex-wife. I know a few others too. Domestic abuse needs to be address as both men and women suffer from it. Just like other issues such as child abuse are brushed under the carpet, so is domestic abuse. Until and unless we don’t address these issues, nothing will come of it.

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