Privilege and Purpose

By Sonya Rehman

There is an abnormal fleetingness to time, reality, and circumstance. Blink twice, and it’s over – all too soon. Do you feel it too? I feel it every day.

I think my generation feels a certain kind of emptiness that is very, very real. This emptiness manifests itself in this race to find ‘purpose’ which runs parallel to fulfilling our roles, and duties as sons, daughters, sisters, brothers, young husbands, young wives and young parents.

Must make a living. Must be a somebody. Must save the country. Must leave a legacy. I think we feel, intuitively, how momentary everything is, how futile many things – that society whips us to regard, hold in high esteem – are.

Life works in loops. It always does. Everything changes but us, and yet, everything remains stagnant, save for us. But this perception, this collective perception that we nurse now, this emptiness, must be re-assessed, must be forsaken, must be done away with.

We are purposeless because there are too many roles to play out, too many duties to fulfill. Add to that: privilege.

Privilege makes us purposeless. Privilege makes us lazy. Privilege and a lack of ‘creation’ makes us decadent. There is nothing worse than the stench of self-indulgence, the stench of thinking solely for the self.

We’re not pushing ourselves. We’re not doing enough. We’re too comfortable. And that in itself has made us miserable, redundant to ourselves.

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