The British Council’s ‘Reconstruction’ Exhibition brings the works of Famed UK designers to Pakistan

By Sonya Rehman

Currently, fashion seems to be Pakistan’s sunny poster child. With many a local fashion weeks churned out as of late, designs and cuts have become bolder, far more risqué and adventurous. In addition, local fashion has never gotten so much media mileage ever before – both within Pakistan, and particularly, abroad.

From being acknowledged and written about by famed fashion journalist, Hilary Alexander, during her visit to the country for a local fashion week, to foreign correspondents within Pakistan having a field day (drearily) juxtaposing Pakistani fashion amidst bombs, beards and bullets – local fashion is everywhere, seeming to fare far better than the country’s ruptured music scene.

Photo: Waheed Khalid

Given local fashion’s never-ending triumph, the British Council brought the works of seven internationally renowned designers to Lahore, Pakistan, for a week (27th March to 31st March) to encourage debate, inspiration and awareness within the fabric of the local fashion scene.

Photo: Waheed Khalid

Titled ‘Reconstruction: Cultural Heritage and the Making of Contemporary Fashion,’ the exhibition at the Lahore Museum featured the works of Vivienne Westwood, Paul Smith, Hussein Chalayan, Peter Jensen, Sophia Kokosalaki, Marios Schwab, and Osman Yousefzada.

Earlier in March, the exhibition was showcased at the Indus Valley School of Arts & Architecture, in Karachi. While the opening day of the Lahore exhibition featured a fashion show by the young Pakistani designer, Fahad Hussayn, the exhibition’s Karachi opening featured the works of local retail brand, Fnk Asia.

With Pakistan as this fascinating moving exhibition’s second last stop (earlier it was opened in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Bangladesh), Russia will be the exhibition’s eventual, and final destination this year.

HELLO! Pakistan

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