Self-righteous Maya Khan and the Height of Irresponsible Journalism

By Sonya Rehman

Morning talk show host Maya Khan and her team behind ‘Subah Saweray Maya Kay Sath’ on SAMAA TV, stand for all that is bizarre, absurd and beyond mediocre regarding local, Pakistani morning shows.

Maya Khan

Recently, this week, a Youtube video of one of the show’s episodes went viral.

Live, the show featured Khan huffing and puffing through Bin Qasim Park – a public park – in Karachi, with her team; which comprised of a sizable number of women and men.

Racing through the park, out of breath and eager, the holier-than-thou host was out to catch unsuspecting victims – young couples – sitting on park benches to interrogate whether or not the couple were married, or, were dating.

Like frenzied, trigger-happy hunters, these idiotic women amidst throaty cackles began chasing (literally) frightened couples, some of whom began running towards the park’s exit. The host’s self-righteous comments, along with those of her minions were cringe-worthy and cruel.

“Suney PLEASE!” one of the show’s team members cried out to a fast-escaping victim, “Aap ka naam! Aap ka naam! Waldain ko dhoka maat dein!” (Translation: “Listen, PLEASE! Your name! Your name! Don’t hoodwink your parents!”)

With jerky camera movements (given that the poor sod of a cameraman was trying his best to keep up with the mad women), at one point, after chasing off a young couple, one of the women from the team yelled out: “We found a SHOEEEE!”

The absurdity of it all. If I were there, I would’ve picked up the darned shoe and whacked the dumb bird across her face silly.

Popular Pakistani blogger, Mehreen Kasana states in her fantastic blog post, ‘An Open Letter to Maya Khan:’

“Young people fall in love all the time. Sometimes they don’t – it’s just infatuation. Sometimes they do and they’re confused as hell and they still go out to understand the significance of the other. In the process, they pick a location like normal people do where they can sit down and spend time together. I’m sure you liked someone when you were in college. No big deal. See, girls fall in love pretty much every single day of the week and so do boys. Sometimes they make the right decision, sometimes they make mistakes. It’s called being human. But trust me, they don’t need a team of middle aged women hounding them down in public places to enlighten them about their decisions. And trust me, their mothers will handle whatever happens. No one asked you or anyone else to take the responsibility of scrutinizing them. See, what worries me a lot is when public figures like you with considerable influence on viewers morph into moral police. In a country like Pakistan where public vigilantism has exceeded levels of brutality, the last thing the youth needs is a team of moral watchdogs sniffing around for ‘impure’ behavior.”

While there are a number of Khan’s episodes uploaded on her show’s Youtube channel, I have absolutely no desire to watch them after viewing this particular episode.

Because personally, Khan has no credibility as a journalist, given the subject matter of her show’s episode, given how she allowed her team to harass and embarrass unwary people in a park, and given how she approached a couple in the park – coaxing them to talk – on the pretext that her microphone was off and that her cameraman wasn’t filming them. Pretty disgusting. Zero integrity as a journalist, Khan.

Mid-way during the video when the host and her minions sat down on one of the benches to catch their breath, a particular self-righteous hijabi (FYI: no disrespect to hijabis!) launched into a tirade – dripping with virtuousness – about how immoral it was for one of the men at the park to bring his fiancée to the park, and that if the couple really were engaged, then they ought to be meeting at each other’s houses and not in a (gasp) park! Of all places. A park. Yes, hijabi, as if the poor couple was dry humping in broad daylight in Bin Qasim Park. Impious, darling, I feel you. Scarred much?

In the comments section, a Youtube viewer rightly points out:

“In a country where extremism is on the rise, millions and millions of children are being sexually abused, there is rampant corruption, poverty, pollution, diseases and scores and scores of other problems…a country can ill-afford the likes of Maya and her self-righteous holier-than-thou attitude and yellow journalism. The last thing this country needs is aunties of the ghairat brigade.”


41 thoughts on “Self-righteous Maya Khan and the Height of Irresponsible Journalism”

  1. On a serious note, if the girl marked in her show is recognized by her family, the consequences can be horrible and this makes Maya’s stupid bitching the prime reason of a ruined life, a possible suicide or a life which will be lead with shame and no self-esteem. This is a crime and she should be prosecuted for that.

  2. I cant forget on episode of her show in which she interviewed a peer Baba who can see prophet Mohammad(PBUH) in his house every day and many other absurd things.She displayed that person as the most pious person
    A few weeks back I saw on the news the same bababji caught by Karachi Police for god knows how many crimes of fraud

    1. our media is actually highly irresponsible. the latest example of which is an article which was published in The News, and was widely circulated on the internet. Yes I am talking abt the same article in which some ex Army personnel claimed that his girl has been kidnapped whereas his son was chopped into pieces by the same kidnappers!!! In the end, the police found out that he was a big fraud!!!
      Thanks to our “breaking news” wala…high rating grabbing media

  3. I am sorry to say butt she’s a B**c*

    What is the difference between her the gallay mohalay ko aurtein who sit down and gossip amongst each other.Yes there is…..they do so while clad in their inexpensive 300,400 walay clothes….while Maya Khan does so with a hairdo, makeup and a brand new designer made dress!!!

  4. i show another show on ARY in which anchor was doing same thing, is there no one to ask these people? By which law can they do this?

    Maya Khan’s should apologize for this!

  5. i watched another show on ARY in which anchor was doing same thing, is there no one to ask these people? By which law can they do this?
    Maya Khan’s should apologize for this!
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

  6. I think this issue needs to be properly debated and brought to highlight. Its not just Maya Khan that needs to be held accountable for such low levels of journalism/reporting but the channel which aired this show, their producers, editors and content writers. The problem is all the television channels are one and the same and regardless of how much attention it gains on social networking websites, no TV channel or anchor will ever discuss this. These guys need to learn the basic ethos of journalism and reporting.
    They will come out in all force, on the slightest of issues, to criticize the government, military, private corporations etc etc, but when it comes to their very own they will conveniently overlook any shortcomings that they might have.

    1. @Syed Arbab Ahmed (@SyedArbabAhmed) because its their right to decide if they want to go on air. Why would someone show me on tv forcibly? what is their authority? if those guys were guilty and they didn’t tell their parents, even then nobody has right to show them on tv forcibly.

      and being guilty if a girl is shown on media for this reason, you better know what could be consequences in our society

  7. Maya Khan, Veena Malik and even Paris Hilton; all absurd actions for the same cause; Popularity. Journalists crib about not having stories all the time, and it can even lead to a bunch of penguins flapping their way through parks. Well done Maya, everyone knows who you are without even releasing a tape of yourself in a hotel room, im sure you can sign up for an item song across the border too now.

  8. shes pathetic, she needs to get a life. y would they do such things ??? interfaring in others life rather than pointing out other things going on in pakistan. this is disgrace, she should be banned.

    1. Arriving at Karachi airport I was awaken by the rude disgusting behavior of the male dominated Pakistan. This type of behavior is not seen even in the animal kingdom or any where I have been to. What is wrong with the smart women of Pakistan? Why are they not fighting against the male dominated behavior that is eroding the natural norm of your society. Respecting and good manners is Islamic not ruddiness and abusing. Maya Khan and others like her needed to make a video on ” Stepping into Pakistan why I was reapplied.” Maya Khan is just another very, very sick woman. Wake up Pakistani your country is bleeding.

    1. exaccctly “kisi ko zaleel karnay say maslay ka hal nahi nikalta” there you go , you hve answered it ursrlf … So stop embarassing the harmless … N plz no one is asking you report on the live tv with video broadcast abt the whereabouts of their children … N ho the hell are you to do so by the way ! Could you come up with anything more lame plz ! Go and rehab urself maya!

    2. Shameless as they are, I can’t believe, how in their defense – these scumbags drag in the country , the religion, the rules and regulation and last but not the least Allah and Rasool!

  9. If they are that concerned about the youth . Instead of invading people’s privacy and embarrassing  people they should present it in a more effective and less humiliating way .One thing that angered me was the point one woman raised about the park being “family based” – ermm the couples were not exactly showing any public affection? And do not ordinary people couples visit the park.Bombarding people in such a way is very ill mannered … LIVE AND LET LIVE

  10. I agree with you, as would any half sane person, that what she did was a moment of shame for journalism in Pakistan.

    However, even though you add the phrase “no disrespect to hijabis”…notice your stereotyping? specially in the last phrase of that paragraph. I want to say for someone who is protecting other people’s right to do what they want, using people’s clothing choices to hammer home a point is kind of low.

    Just saying.

  11. Ahmed: since this post was written in haste, a mere few hours after Khan’s episode went viral, I had no intention of stereotyping the said woman. I just found it vindictive, cruel and hypocritical: the scene where the host, with her female team members (some of whom were veiled) cackled away, denouncing the couple and making them out to be criminals. The woman who I mentioned was especially verbally cruel and judgmental.
    Again, I had no intention of stereotyping her. Therefore, I won’t apologize. However, next time, you decide to post something on a stranger’s blog, kindly refrain from the pseudo-new-agey-insincerely-neutral, ‘Just saying’ to complete your NIGYYSOB (refer to the book ‘Games People Play’) post.

    ‘Just saying’ 😉

    1. Sonya you are criticizing Maya thats very good I hated the show but why dont you write about so called modern women who are making monkey out of men and make their wives lives’ a constant torture contact me if u want names

  12. I havent seen Maya’s this particular show but only thinking of it makes me angry. When i wonder why Pakistani media is going berserque and invading people’s privacies. I come to two conclusions , First; Higher ratings (more money) and Secondly; Our people like it coz we love to peep into other’s lives. I see our anchors acting like bullies , driving home their own point by any means. The un-ethical attitude of our media has embarresed our country more than once and will continue to do so if not checked harshly.

  13. I hated Maya Khan’s show but few days back I came to know an absurd truth about a prominent women in her 40’s working for an NGO who is lusting (I did’nt wanted to use another word) around with any available men while on official tour in hotel rooms and has 0 shame doing it ,the poor souls Maya Khan was torturing has done nothing of the sorts ,our society is full of bitches we should seriously do something about it.

  14. What is wrong with Maya Khan and all the clowns seen on her video? Why is Maya Khan and her flock not rounded up for Blasphemy? Stopping what is willful and natural is accepted by Allah and seen as Haram. Love between a man and a woman is natural willed by Allah. What is unnatural are incestuous relationship that is not accepted in the Animal Kingdom? Why not round up all the parents and aunties and educate them of such wrongful behaviors of incestuous marriages. Love is beautiful and natural. Maya Khan if you have not experienced love how about trying finding what you are missing instead of harassing people.
    MAYA KHAN is not alone in this. People like Maya Khan all need to be educated about love between a man and a woman is normal.
    Incestuous behavior of cousin marriage is not. Oops did I break house rules of being honest.

  15. It is very selfish of Khan that for her own popularity/benefit she is willing to put anothers life at risk by identifying nationally an individuals where abouts and the company they are in. What may seem harmless may lead to an honour killing, forced marriage, domestic violence and withdrawal from education especially of the woman.

    Even vultures wait till their meal is dead, Maya.

  16. Maryam ji, ous bachariy nay kisi ka tayka nahin liya hua – wo apney app ko samphalay – ous nay apna hassab kitaab deyna hai kisi our ka nahin…..burai ko highlight karna Islam mai nahin hai balkay chupana behtar ho ta hai!

    Koi aap ki izath ko uchalay tou shahid phir aap ko ahsaas hoe ghalat aur achay ka farak…

  17. listen Gents she may be a disturb minded or suppressed lady who may be or may not be liked other happy P P L around so please ignore the issue.

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