A Postcard (For Your Eyes Only)

What did 2011 teach you? Strange thing, I only ‘felt’ change towards the tail-end of this year. Realized that playing it safe all the time sucks. Planning sucks too. Realized that guilt is healthy, even some regrets. Why? Because if you choose, you can make sure you don’t repeat old patterns. Realized that change comes and goes, when she likes, when she deems best. You can’t poke her, prod her to be swift. When the time is ‘right,’ and when you’re ready, she’ll waltz in and turn your life upside down, inside out. Good or bad. Be prepared when she does. Realized that it’s okay to have fair-weather friends, but one should not be compelled to nurture those friendships, yet, not shun them either. They may be fickle, but they’re fun. Let them drift in and out. Realized that it feels so good to nurture old and new friendships with beautiful people who matter. Empathy is the new love. And sometimes (oftentimes) I feel my heart may pop. Realized that to constantly be grateful means being in a constant state of grace. And finally, realized that I grew out of my rainbow toe-socks obsession.

To 2011, thanks chum.



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