‘Saving Face’ Filmmaker on Shooting Documentaries in Pakistan

By Sonya Rehman Last year, Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy, a Pakistani filmmaker, won an International Emmy for “Pakistan’s Taliban Generation,” her documentary focusing on young Taliban recruits in the aftermath of Sept. 11. A new project of hers, in collaboration with Daniel Junge, is “Saving Face,” about a British-Pakistani plastic surgeon who treats Pakistani victims of acid… More ‘Saving Face’ Filmmaker on Shooting Documentaries in Pakistan

Pakistan: Diagnosis from a Distance

Pakistan is experimenting with a relatively new model of healthcare delivery: telemedicine. For distance-based medical services to be successful, however, projects must grapple with challenges like inadequate infrastructure and patient distrust of the concept. By Sonya Rehman In the 10 months since the organization TeleSehat opened a second pilot telemedicine center in the Pakistani city… More Pakistan: Diagnosis from a Distance