Motorcycle Diaries – Moin Khan’s BIG Adventure

By Sonya Rehman

Moin Khan’s website and Facebook fan page have gone viral. If you haven’t heard of this 24-year old yet, you’re bound to soon.

So who is this guy anyway and why is everyone talking about him? Well, for starters, this crazy Lahori has embarked on one pretty terrific journey. He’s motorbiking it all the way from San Francisco to Lahore. Talk about one big, fat adventure.

Pakistani Pride – Moin Khan

Khan was propelled to give back to Pakistan in some way or the other. Quoting from an article in the Express Tribune, Khan states:

“I wondered how I could play a part in improving the image of Pakistanis and I thought this great adventure gave me the opportunity to break stereotypes and tell people that Pakistan isn’t really all that bad.”

The trip is estimated to take a few months. Apart from updating his Facebook page and Twitter account I truly hope Khan will be documenting his travel adventures and experiences in a diary.

Personally, I really think it takes guts, courage and a dash of madness to do what Khan’s doing. I mean seriously, how many people do you know, who would one day wake up and decide to travel across the world on a bike? Brilliant, really. Thanks a lot, Khan, now I feel even shittier about my 9-5.

On a serious note though, safe travels Khan. Us Lahori’s are hoping to welcome you with garlands of roses and rupees on your arrival.

13 Comments Add yours

  1. Faria Syed says:


  2. Danial Shah says:

    Glad to see Khan’s journey. 🙂
    It always is a pleasure to see my fellow Pakistani youth doing good for the country!
    Good luck to Khan 🙂

  3. ????????? says:

    this person moin khan is my first cousins uncle but i was so amazed when i heard his adventure that i fainted (totaly true)

  4. Zee says:

    I don’t honestly get why his mere adventure is being understood as doing something “good” for the country. I’m not criticizing,or maybe I am,either way I just want to know if somebody can explain me the logic.

    1. JerseyGirl says:

      Zee i am disappointed in your stupidity..for you to ask this question .. Not sure if your a Pakistani but I am pretty sure that If you cant even *feel* what Moin Khan did and why he did it.. you will never do a damn thing for your country

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