Columbia University Honours its Fulbright scholars

By Sonya Rehman

Last evening, Columbia’s Graduate School of Arts & Sciences (GSAS) hosted a reception honoring this year’s Fulbright grantees studying at the university. Seven Fulbrighters from the Journalism School were in attendance.

Dean Henry C. Pinkham of the GSAS welcomed the students. He introduced Michele Moody-Adams, dean of Teachers College, Dean Nicholas Lemann of the Journalism School, Morton B. Friedman, vice dean of the Engineering School, and representatives from the International Institute of Education (IIE).

J-School Fulbrighters with the Dean

During his brief remarks, Dean Lemann said, “Our school has become evermore international, year by year.”

Isabelle Schafer, a J-School student said, “This is a great opportunity to meet other Fulbrighters at Columbia.”

Standing nearby, another J-schooler, Jose Luis Leyva, echoed a similar sentiment. He felt inspired after meeting other Fulbrighters from around the world who were studying in different departments within the university, he said.

“I had no idea how many people at Columbia were on the Fulbright,” said Cecile Dehesdin, an M.S. student from France. Dehesdin said that it was only after having gotten the Fulbright scholarship was she able to come to Columbia.

Gisela Perez and Nicola Shepheard, two international students studying journalism in the M.S. and M.A. programs, respectively, said they appreciated the reception.

Ayza Omar agreed. “This is a great exchange of cultures,” she said as she glanced around the room. Omar, who is pursuing a degree in broadcast journalism, comes from Lahore, Pakistan.

*The event took place in December, 2009. This piece was penned for the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism website. 

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