Keeping it Real

By Sonya Rehman

So I recently turned 26. And for some odd reason, the thought of it didn’t flip me out like I thought it would. I did however; wake up on the 9th of January feeling as if I didn’t want anyone fussing over me.

Although, secretly, I will admit – I quite like being fussed over as long as it’s not made obvious. If it is made obvious, I feel quite silly actually. Especially on birthdays. This is because I imagine frightening little scenes where I’m dressed in a heavily embellished shalwar-kameez, with a bib attached to my collar, surrounded by friends and family, stuffing my face with frothy cake, whilst being photographed and videoed with a DJ (who goes by the name of ‘DJ Yakoob’) spinning a club version of Celine Dion’s ‘My Heart Will Go On’ in the distance.

Birthdays can be really grand affairs these days and I suppose that’s what gives me the heebie-jeebies.

The other day I met with a few close friends when we got talking about whether or not hitting a ‘quarter-life crisis’ in one’s mid/late 20s was a reality or not.

I believe it is. “Our generation is so caught up with trying to make something out of ourselves that by the time we reach 26-28, we find ourselves completely burnt out”, one of my friends said.

He was right. By our age, everyone has either gotten their ‘act together’ vis-à-vis getting hitched to an old sweetheart or finding a decent job. Or on the other hand, maybe our generation finds itself displaced – wanting desperately to appear ‘settled’ and in control of their lives. But the burnt out part I can somewhat relate with at this stage.


Gone are the days of teenage angst, acne, a passionate temper and puppy love. Maybe once we hit our mid-20s we begin to understand ourselves better, we tone down. We’re far less ignorant, and more practical. More self-assured. How bloody boring.

I recall either reading this particular line somewhere or watching an actor saying it in some movie. I fail to remember the name of the book and/or movie but the line went something like never losing one’s ‘childish enthusiasm’ and that it should always be retained throughout one’s life.

I believe that to be quite true. There’s a limit to how pragmatic you can be after all – pragmatic about love, about life, about careers, about friends…about everything really. Because to be pragmatic constantly, makes one calculate the pros and cons of everything on a constant basis.

Horrid and tiring I tell you. Also, in the long-run, quite embittering. No doubt a certain dose of pragmatism can save one from a lot of hassle and heartbreak; yet, it leaves a lot to be desired. Because you’re always on your guard and on alert mode all the blinking time. Hence, new experiences – whether good or bad – are slashed down to a big zero.

How then, does one grow internally without some risk-taking, without throwing caution to the wind every now and then?

With the onset of winter, I had the pleasure of meeting an old friend’s sibling’s friends (there’s a tongue twister for you right there).

All in their early 20’s – not quite adults, and yet, not quite children either, with big, undecided dreams…I almost found myself slightly jealous of the few years they had – rolled out like a plush red carpet – before they were to enter the mid/late 20’s zone.

I’m not sour about turning 26, I assure you. But it’s just that now, when I see the generation below mine, I find them to be so much wiser than how we used to be in our early 20’s. And maybe that’s what throws me off balance a little. The premature wisdom that these little fellas have.

I was quite a goof at 21 (still am), as were my batch mates during our college days. We’d mosey about, without a care in the world. There was something very raw, teenage-ish about us back then. Highly naïve. Inherently trusting. The 21-year-olds that I see now have this wonderful, almost alien wisdom in their eyes that I never had at their age. And it baffles me at times – their self-assured gait, speech and presence.

In all of this, the sad part is that maybe this generation has grown up too fast – so fast that they now stand a little jaded, a little broken, a little too pragmatic.

Maybe age, really just is just a number. Maybe some of us eventually do make conscious decisions whether or not to be young at heart for the rest of our lives, or, to appear wise…well beyond our years.

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3 thoughts on “Keeping it Real”

  1. ridiculously funny … and thought provoking. Liked the idea of quarter-life crisis. You write well, found your blog on a google search trail and put it on my iGoogle. Didn’t see something posted for a while and now this. Will be looking forward to more stuff.

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