In Fond Remembrance of Babar Khan

By Sonya Rehman

Tall, lean, bearded and with a mop of wavy, dark hair (and even darker eyes) – Babar Khan’s personality was infectious. The kind that was sensitive, welcoming and thoroughly charismatic. A true vocalist in every sense of the word – the timber of his voice would deliver Floyd covers with utmost precision, depth and passion.

Forming in 1994, ‘The Trip’ was one of Lahore’s most promising underground acts, Babar Khan being the band’s lead vocalist, along with band members Cecil Chaudhry, Waqas Khan and Yousaf Para.
‘The Trip’ had made its mark by performing brilliant Pink Floyd covers and releasing its debut album in the month of March, 1997, by the name of ‘Middle of nowhere’.

Since bands such as ‘Co-ven’, ‘Midnight madness’, ‘Mindriot’ and ‘The Trip’ itself had hardly any interaction, it was Babar’s initiative to have a collaborative ‘peace festival’ concert on the 20th of April, 1995 at the city’s most glorious of parks – the Bagh-e-Jinnah.

And now, ten long years later after Babar’s sudden demise (on the 1st of June in 1997), the pioneers of underground music came together to perform a tribute for a dear friend who had been lost. The tribute was held on the rooftop of St. Anthony’s High School – on exactly the same day (20th of April) as it was twelve years ago.
Lit by dia’s and with large pictures of Babar Khan as the stage’s backdrop, along with the school’s beautiful architectural milieu, the night’s sky hung heavy with tender nostalgia, a fond remembrance of Babar and the times long gone (accompanied by a tinge of longing).

The tribute – which was pulled off without any sponsorship – started off with an original recording of The Trip’s single ‘buried in the sand’ (whose video was shot in India) in Babar’s voice.
The acts which followed were Shahzad Hameed, Mindriot Co-ven, Entity (of Entity-Paradigm) and The Trip itself.
From covers to originals, swirls of smoke spiralled into the night’s sky as tunes of rock (both classic and psychedelic) and grunge were belted out by the diverse bunch of artistes present.

Babar Khan

From Cecil Chaudhry, Ali Noor, Farhad Humayun, Salman Albert, Ahmed Butt, Waqar, Sikandar Mufti, Omran Shafique, Hamza Jafri, Sameer Ahmed, Shahzad Hameed, Farhan Albert and a plethora of others present to perform and/or in attendance (simply in unanimity and support) – the presence of the city’s best artistes, was overwhelming.

And ‘The Trip’, once on stage after the first few acts, kept the audience spellbound. With Cecil on lead guitars, Sikandar Mufti on drums, Farhan Albert on keyboards and Tauseef Dar on vocals, their Pink Floyd covers were electrifying. The Trip, it seemed had been re-born that night on the 20th of April, 2007.
It was almost as if one could feel Babar standing close by, with his mop of dark curls and even darker eyes – smiling his happy, unaffected and charming smile.

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4 Comments Add yours

  1. miradarling says:

    As somebody who knew Babar and was there the night he was remembered in such a memorable way, this piece really captures what was so special about it, and him. Kudos!

  2. soni59 says:

    babar was with us that night and your piece brought it all together for those who missed that amazing magical evening.thank you for your very special tribute.i know babar smiles….

  3. iqbalsaeed says:

    I was cruzing through the net and came across your bolg. My Name is Saeed and I used to play lead guitar in MM. I came to know Babar through some friends and soon became a friend of Babar’s. Babar was a true gentleman, a loving and a caring person. I still remember evenings spent together on this roof-top and in his room lit with a dim table lamp. His demise was indeed a tragedy. I would like to commend all our friends for organizing this music show in Babar’s memory. I wish if I could be part of this event as I am out of the country since 1999. Babar you will always be missed, we love you.

  4. Faisal Khan says:

    ya i remember Babar and his house in model town i guess and his old car :), it was him who initiated peace festival 95 and the true sense of underground music and i guess if he would have been alive it would have been a different music industry scenario and noori s and eps and overloads corporate agendas might have never emerged and we would have been playing real music and been respected for that but only if he was alive cause i know one thing for sure his passion for music and ideology of underground music was bigger and he was a the leader of the pact without a doubt and he would have never sold out to the corporate colas cause i remeber everyone refusing to give interviews to PTOTP hosted by faker e alam that day and we literally kicked them out …BTW I’m Faisal khan of Hash Addiction who performed there also ..sonya here s a link for you of that fabulous night to remember……much respect and great words about an true artist RIP

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