Chicks Rock Out


By Sonya Rehman

There’s definitely something about listening to a band playing live music. And that too in the winters. There’s a definite energy that’s almost tangible along with the improvisation part that just makes it so much more compelling. It’s when a particular tune goes slightly out of synch or a note off key, and when you realize that each and every musician is striving to ‘nail it’ – that’s the magic of listening to music, ‘live’.

Creative HQ and JAWS Productions recently put up a gig at Lahore Grammar School Main Gulberg whose poster boasted of some pretty decent acts – primarily, Noori and Call. However the
concert started off with some of the school’s very own ‘all girl’ bands. It was extremely refreshing and promising at the same time to see some of them playing the sitar, tabla and guitar with such endearing enthusiasm. Right then it really made me think how badly our music ‘industry’ needed an all girl band, I mean how cool would that be?

The Rising gave an introduction performance soon after by playing one of their own songs and then later a cover of U2’s ‘With or Without You’. If bands feel the need to do covers they should pick songs which they can pin and play and sing to a T. Else it just comes across as a really mediocre karaoke performance that can be pretty detrimental to a fresh new band’s reputation.

Sahil made a special guest appearance but their lip-synching went cringingly wrong as the CD kept getting stuck. It made one wonder why they didn’t opt to playing live since the theme of the concert was ‘Coming Back to Live’. But to give credit where it’s due, Sahil is welcomed as a refreshing addition to the industry with their album being much anticipated after two exceptional singles.

Call nailed it. They undoubtedly knew how to get the crowd of girls going. Their performance was absolutely impeccable and right on key. Junaid’s vocals were super-charged, effective, and truly ‘live’.

Noori graced the stage straight after and played songs from their latest album towards the end. Watching them perform, I recalled two of Ali Hamza’s rare bootleg songs which did the circuit while he was still a student at LUMS. The songs were ‘Gawalmandi’ and the comical ‘BC’ and were very “underground” in Lahore at the time, usually passed on from one person to the next. One hopes to see Ali Hamza doing more vocals in the future as ‘Meray Log’ was particularly well-sung.

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